Luxury,Romantic Wedding Venue

Nowadays outdoor wedding becomes more and more favorite to the new couple, and a large wedding tent seems to be the best venue of witness romance. Most people choose traditional hotels as their wedding venue for its tradition. But it is more interesting when the wedding is holding in a luxury tent. There is no formality for the guests in the outdoor tent. While blessing the new couple, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Why not enjoy it in the outdoor tent?


The luxury wedding tent can be designed very spacious to accommodate thousands of guests. The size of the wedding tent of course depends on your requirements. Just like the photo below, the roof curtain of the wedding tent can create a chic and romance of outdoor wedding with the backdrop of the light.


The wedding tent is decorated with milky white fence and curtains. It will let you say goodbye to the reinforced concrete city and step into the rural neighborhood yard, which is very cordial and warm to you.


In fact, flowers, gauze curtains and laces can become the romantic elements for the wedding tent decoration. There are also several wedding tent styles, such as dome wedding tent, square wedding tent, ridge wedding tent and so on. You can choose whatever you want.

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