Food Festival Tent from Syxtent

Wuxi Nanchan Temple Food Festival Tent is from Syxtent small combination tent. Many people come to this grand feast to enjoy the delicious food from differents. With the great support from syxtent,the visitors tasted the special foreign food,and the sponsor earned the apprecicate from most customers.


The main tent products in Syxtent are:

Small Tents: Width Range 3-10 m; Eave Height Range 2.5-3 m ; Top Height Range 4-4.8M


Medium Tent : Width Range 10-21 m; Eave Height Range 3-4 m;Top Height Range 5-7 m


Large Tents: Width Range 21 m to 30 m;Eave Height Range 4 m;Top Height Range 7.3-8.5 M


Tents can be assembled arbitrarily. Tents can be built conveniently and quickly. Syxtent provides all-round technical support. In addition to directly selling tents, sxytents is also as a wholesaler and provide the custom serve.All tents in syxtent are leased for customers to choose!

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