No Bad Weather,Enjoy the Happy Meal in Syxtent

Imagine working at an outdoor construction site with the strong wind blowing in your face in the winter, or the sun beating down the back of your neck in the summer, and then it is your lunch time. Would you rather eat outside with the sun, strong wind, loud noises and dust surrounding you, or inside a temporary fabric tent where you can relax and enjoy your lunch?

25m wedding tent

Absolutely, most people would choose the latter.

There are two advantages of having a temporary fabric tent.

A temporary fabric tent can be completely customized to fit your project’s needs. The tent can be designed as your size and it also can be decorated with accessories such as lighting, windows, flooring, door options, interior walls and more. The tent with such accessories is engineered to be quickly erected, dismantled and relocated as a project’s needs change, so modification is never an issue.


Another important benefit of having a temporary tent on-site is providing your staffs a shelter and shade away from the bad weather. Extreme weather can create many problems. Taking work delay for example. Work delay means a reduction of productivity and, ultimately, revenue. When a temporary, portable tent is installed near or over a project site, your staff can have a safe place to take a break near the worksite. Your staffs will be happy when there is a break area and lunch tent for them.


Syxtent is an industry tent structure manufacturer, and has obtained the certifications of ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Syxtent is worthy of your trust.

Interested in a temporary break and lunch tent for your next project? Please contact us in advance.

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