Luxury Outdoor Exhibition Tent for Mercedes Auto Show

A luxurious Mercedes-Benz auto show also needs high-end venues to set off. Obviously, the narrow and rigid interior space has no way to meet the needs of auto show flexibility and high traffic flow. Outdoors are inevitably windy and rainy, and it is not good for both the car and the human. However, the luxury outdoor exhibition tent can meet the various requirements of the luxury auto show, at the same time, solving the shortcomings of indoor and outdoor space.


Shengyixin provides you with a luxury outdoor exhibition tent, which not only has 100% internal space utilization, but also has low cost, can be moved and can be reused. Customers can use glass doors and glass walls to decorate the interior of the exhibition tent, with wooden floors, carpets, lighting, ABS walls, and air conditioning, making the tent more beautiful and nearly perfect. Fans can also enjoy the auto show in such a comfortable environment.


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