Temporary Hotel Tent-Best Place for Star

The flexibility and lightness of the hotel tent make it suitable for most outdoor places. In addition, the components of each part can be prefabricated in the factory. Modular design is easy to install and build, and has low environmental damage. Even on non-constructive land, it can be used as temporary building. In the outdoor environment, the hotel tent has a broader visual environment. For many people who like to watch the stars, the hotel tent is the best viewing space. So what are the suitable hotel tents for watching the stars?


Sphere star tent can be customized 4-100 meters diameter of the hemispheric space, suitable for hotel tent diameter of 5-8 meters, Hotel tent color can be customized or printed patterns, the most important thing is that transparent tent can be spliced together. This design makes the interior of the tent look better. The conventional design of the star tent is equipped with about a third of the transparent tent cloth, which can be seen as a large floor window. You can also design a skylight on the top of the tent and lie in bed to see the stars. That's how simple it is.

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