Wuxi Gymnasium Auto Tent Hall

In October 2019, Wuxi Gymnasium is about to usher in the annual large-scale auto show, with the appearance of various auto brands. The outdoor auto show tent hall provides outdoor exhibition space for major brand exhibitions. We started to build a new theme auto show tent hall in Wuxi one week ahead of schedule! The specification of the tent hall is 15m*100m, of which 15m is the span. There are three rows of syxtent in total, including several groups of pointed roof auto show caravans, with a total of more than 6000 square meters.


Syxtent auto show tent is widely used in auto show and other activities because of its fast construction and adaptability to all kinds of ground. According to the needs of our customers, on the basis of grasping the quality of our products, we choose the best solution for our customers according to local conditions. Don't be afraid of trouble. Let us know your needs as much as possible. We will help you to consider all aspects.

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