Aluminum Alloy Tent from Syxtent

Syxtent mainly supplies safe and stable aluminum alloy tent. Its main components include aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel connectors, Waterproof PVC tarpaulin or other new membrane structural materials. Among them, aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel profile are basically modular production to ensure safety and qualification, so if customers require to customize profiles according to their preferences, or require to make a tent shelter with very unique frame, it is not only difficult to reach, but also difficult to ensure safety. So what is the customization of the tent?

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Sheng Yixin provides a variety of types of caravans, including pointed roof caravans, herringbone caravans, polygonal caravans, arc caravans, combination caravans, TFs series caravans, flat roof inflatable caravans, double-layer caravans, spherical caravans, etc. according to demand, Sheng Yixin can combine different types of caravans to create a variety of outdoor spaces.

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