Ordos Syxtent

Ordos, located in Inner Mongolia of China, has a much lower climate than the south. Especially in winter, Syxtent often encounters rain and snow, which is an invisible test for the safety of outdoor shelter products.

tent construction

Syxtent developed and produced this group of coal mine storage shed for customers, which uses high-quality aluminum alloy as the frame profile, has strong stability, can effectively resist 8-10 gale, and the service life is not less than 20 years; the fabric adopts double coated PVC fabric, which has the properties of waterproof, flame retardant, sun protection, self-cleaning, snow load resistance, etc., so it is particularly convenient to use.

tent construction 2

For regions such as Ordos, there is often rain and snow in winter. Syxtent products have certain ability to resist rain and snow. However, in case of heavy snow or blizzard, it is recommended that customers remove snow in time. If necessary, at least put away the tarpaulin.

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