Wedding Banquet Shengyixin Tent

Outdoor wedding syxtent is a popular fabric product at present. Holding outdoor wedding is also a wedding way that many young people tend to hold. Syxtent, as a manufacturer with many years of experience in the production and construction of tent, has a variety of tent products to choose from. In addition to the wedding banquet tent, there are also tent products such as storage, exhibition and spire, which are also widely praised by the public.

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Syxtent wedding tent frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, safe and stable, with a service life of more than 20, which can be recycled repeatedly. The fabric adopts double-sided coated PVC cloth, which has the characteristics of wind and rain resistance, sun protection and flame retardant, self-cleaning, etc. it can be used for 5 years normally. In addition to the basic framework and tarpaulin, we also provide relevant supporting facilities, such as cloth curtains, carpets, air conditioners, lamps, tables and chairs, so that you can feel the same in the hotel even when you are outdoors.

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