Customized Warehouse Tent Manufacturers

The warehouse tent is the tent for storage, which is mainly for the convenience of enterprises to store goods, articles, equipment, etc., and effectively guarantee the safety of goods. This is a group of storage tents customized and built by syxtent for a customer. On the surface, it may only provide a "house" for the goods, but in fact, it can also help enterprises solve some problems in the off peak season.

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In the early stage of plant construction, many enterprises will inevitably consider less comprehensive. The warehouse space of many traditional concrete buildings not only takes a long time to build and costs a lot of money, but also causes certain losses when the plant site is relocated. The storage shed is flexible, economical and safe, which is an ideal choice for the industry.

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Syxtent manufacturers can provide storage shelters with span of 3-50m, length of 3m or 5m as the interval, and different types. There is no pillar support inside, and the utilization rate is very high. Even large machines and equipment can enter and leave without pressure.


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