Military Tents from Syxtent

Military tents, as the name implies, are used for military industry to store military materials in the long and short term, and also for military training, military exercises, outdoor expansion, field investigation, earthquake relief and other outdoor residential use.

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This group of military camouflage tents provided by Syxtent manufacturers for customers use high-strength aluminum alloy as the frame, which is easy to transport, beautiful and corrosion-resistant, quick and easy to dismantle and build, and has strong adaptability to terrain conditions, and can be built under various terrain conditions, with a service life of up to 20 years.


The external tarpaulin is custom camouflaged, made of double-sided coated PVC synthetic cloth, with the characteristics of waterproof, sunscreen and flame retardant, and the service life is not less than 5 years. Camouflaged or military green tarpaulins are especially suitable for military use. They are integrated with outdoor grassland and have strong concealment, providing favorable conditions for specific activities. Of course, we can also change the tarpaulin into white, red, blue and other colors, so as to better apply it to other fields.


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