Enterprise Restart Entry Tent

Recently, a number of enterprises have started to return to work, and some enterprises that have not yet returned to work are preparing before returning to work. In order to ensure the safety of employees, in addition to setting up some epidemic prevention programs, we also need a weather proof inspection tent to make the entry test more warm and accurate.


Why does the enterprise need to check the tent?

First of all, when employees rush to the company, they need to stay for a short time to accurately measure the temperature, fill in the form, and provide temporary semi closed places for employees; second, the detection personnel must stick to the gate post, and more importantly, they need to check the shelter of the caravan, so as to make the epidemic prevention work better and better.


How to choose the tent for security inspection?

First of all, you can choose the local awning manufacturers, select the old manufacturers with excellent technology, guarantee the production quality of the awning, and avoid the logistics delay; second, the awning made of aluminum alloy is more durable, reusable, and convenient to build


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