Use of Tent in Rainy and Snowy Weather

In fact, the rain and snow weather has little impact on the tents. The fabric has waterproof ability. The surface of aluminum alloy material has also been coated and will not be rusted by rain. The roof will not accumulate water due to the large slope, but pay attention to the ponding at the top of the flat roof tent halls!

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Attention should be paid to the safety of electricity use. If there is no platform, it is necessary to remove the water on the ground to prevent infiltration. In addition, it can also be considered to add a waterproof ridge to prevent infiltration of water!

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In the face of rare snowy weather, heating facilities can be equipped inside the tent shelter or electric snow melting belt can be laid on the roof to speed up the snow melting on the roof of the tent shelter. Of course, the tent building itself has a good snow bearing capacity. The simplest way is to clear the snow on the roof in time!

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