What are the types of tent of the manufacturer?

Type I: a-roof auto show shelter

A-roof auto show tent shelter is the most common kind of exhibition tent shelter in the market. Its characteristics are that the span can be large enough, the application range is wide, and the cost is low. The side wall can choose the fabric or glass freely, and the decoration is convenient, so it is also loved by the majority of customers.

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The second type: European style steeple roof auto show Tent

European style pointed roof auto show tent, characterized by beautiful and elegant, common style; the bottom is in a quadrilateral shape, common in China now as long as 3-10 meters span, can be used with single roof, can also be used with multiple roofs or with A-shaped roof.

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The third type: combined special-shaped auto show caravan, which is mostly composed of herringbone roof and pointed roof caravan in the car industry. This kind of tent not only has a high-end appearance, but also can be large enough, with a height of more than ten meters at the highest place, making the whole tent more atmospheric. Now more and more Chinese like it, with a slightly higher price.

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