Swimming Pool Tent from Shengyixin

In the hot summer, swimming has become a major fitness and entertainment activity. Outdoor swimming pool tent shelter can not only relieve the summer heat but also train. Most importantly, it can become the best summer resort for the public in summer.

swimming poo tent

Zhenjiang Wenguang swimming pool caravan built by shengyixin syxtent company covers an area of 18 meters * 30 meters. The tarpaulin is made of imported double-layer PVC synthetic fiber, and its frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It is an aluminum alloy tent with beautiful appearance, strong safety, weather resistance of Grade 8 and service life of more than 20 years. In terms of cost, it is more cost-effective than the traditional swimming pool construction, with quick disassembly and short construction period. And the general swimming pool in the business season of a year is relatively short, so the construction of swimming pool shelter for future expansion or relocation also has a good advantage.

swimming poo tent

At present, sports tents such as swimming pool tents have gradually become a modern trend.

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