Zhejiang Jiaxing Furniture Exhibition Tent

Zhejiang Jiaxing furniture exhibition needs a large area of exhibition space for furniture exhibition due to the large number of exhibitors. In this furniture exhibition activity, syxtent provided 2 sets of 25 * 40m exhibition tents, 8 sets of 10 * 10 m furniture exhibition tents, and other exhibition shelter tents with different specifications such as 15*20 m and 3*12 m, with a total area of 3500 square meters.

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The furniture exhibition shelter adopts high-quality and safe modular structure, which can provide more attractive shelter solutions for users' activities. In addition to providing a large area of exhibition shelter, Syxtent also has different specifications of small tent houses. All kinds of tent are wind and rain resistant, UV resistant and flame-retardant. They are suitable for all kinds of home exhibitions, automobile exhibitions and various celebrations, so that the activities can be held smoothly and safely in any weather in any season.

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