Use of sports canopy

What are the USES of sports tent? Sports tent is used in fight hall, comprehensive gymnasium, sports training ground and other places. The walls around the tent can be arranged with fully transparent glass, which has a good lighting effect, so that the almost transparent tent building perfectly integrates into the scenery and creates an unrestrained environment. The sports tent makes the spectators feel like they are in an open space to watch the games.

Sports canopy applied to the basketball court, on the basis of the original basketball court, to build a canopy, so that basketball activities are not affected by the weather. We offer canopies with spans from 3m to 60m on a custom basis in units of 3m or 5m. The interior space allows the athletes to sweat as much as they like, taking into account the fact that air conditioning should not be used during intense exercise.

Sports awning can be used to make the interior of the awning as ventilated as possible, providing people with a comfortable indoor sports place.


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