Benefits of football tents

When playing football outdoors, you are most afraid of encountering sudden bad weather, which seriously affects the normal operation of the game. At this time, the indoor football stadium tent is particularly important.

The football stadium tent is carefully designed by SYX,-a chic and beautiful tent-style football stadium can be directly built on the original football field. The football stadium tent does not require high venues, as long as there is an open space

It can be built, which can completely solve various problems caused by the climate. More importantly, the football stadium tent has the 4 major advantages of fast and flexible disassembly speed, economical low consumption, reusability, and safety and reliability.

Traditional venues of any form are incomparable.

Nowadays, the football stadium tent has effectively solved the national football's lack of indoor venues for training, saving various capital investment.

SYX can also create prefabricated football stadium tents of various sizes for you, including three-person stadiums for youth training, mainstream 5-a-side cage football stadiums, 7-a-side cage football stadiums and 9-a-side venues. Surrounding

The wall can be made of ABS hard wall or transparent tarp. When playing football in summer, the wall can be disassembled to increase air circulation and have a cooling effect. The barrier-free interior space allows you to play as you like,

Liri creates a personalized multifunctional indoor football stadium tent for you.

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