Types of Aluminum Truss

Various Kinds of Aluminum Truss 

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As a load-bearing structure with strong hardness, corrosion resistance and light material aluminum alloy truss is widely 

used in weddings, performances, exhibitions and other activities. Shengyixin has a wide variety of aluminum alloy trusses. Next, let me introduce the types of aluminum alloy trusses.

No.01 Classification by Shape


Aluminum alloy truss can be divided into single row truss and triangle truss. In addition, we can customize the shape of 

the truss according to clients' needs, such as round, arc-shaped, star, etc.

No.02 Classification by Installation Mode

According to the installation method, the aluminum alloy truss can be divided into screw truss and spigot truss:


As the name suggests, screw truss is connected by screws. Its advantage is that it is affordable, but its disadvantage is that it takes more time to install.


In addition, the screw frame can be divided into mesh square truss and triangle aluminum truss The mesh square truss is

reinforced inside the square tube on the end face, so that it is not easy to produce deformation in the disassembly process; The triangular aluminum plate truss is welded with triangular aluminum plate on the end face, which makes the stability and bearing capacity of the whole truss greatly improved.


The spigot truss is connected by pin, R clip and conical coupler. It is easy to install and more stable, but it is more

expensive than the screw truss.

No.03 Classification by Specifications


Some common specifications: 300*300mm, 400*400mm, 400*600mm;

They have different bearing capacity and safety span.

Generally speaking,

The average load-bearing capacity of the 300*300 aluminum alloy truss is 300kg with a safe span of 12 meters.

The average bearing capacity of 400*400 is 400kg, and the safe span is 16 meters.

400*600 bearing capacity 450-500kg, a safe span of 20 meters.

In general, the larger the size, the greater the diameter and thickness of the material, and the greater the load-bearing and safety span.

In addition, other specifications can also be customized.

No.04 Classification by Color

The conventional aluminum alloy trusses are silver and bright in color. We can also customize trusses in black, white and

other colors according to customers' needs.


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