Different Types of Stage

1. Stage Frame Material

The material is mainly divided into steel material and aluminum alloy material; the two kinds of materials, price, advantage and disadvantage are different, the clients can choose according to their needs.


2. Stage type

The common stage can be divided into quick installation stage, insert stage, layer stage and folding stage according to the installation method.

A. Quick Installation Stage


Quick set stage, also known as fixed stage, intubation stage. Its stage legs are secured with screws and can be quickly 

installed and removed. Manual installation, quick and convenient.

However, the height of the stage leg is not adjustable, so it is often used in small height occasions.

B. Insert Stage


Insert stage is a modular structure and easy to disassemble and build, has beautiful appearance. 

Adding screw rod at the bottom, the height can be adjusted.

C. Layer Stage


As the name implies, the layer stage is an active stage composed of the layer column structure, and the way of the layer     stage installation is the same as that of the layer frame.

Compared with the insert stage, both are prefabricated module structure, but the layer stage is cheaper and faster in 

installation and construction.

D. Folding Stage


The structure of the folding stage enables it to be well collected and stored without taking up space. The bottom of the 

stage can also be added wheels, after folding can be easily pushed, labor saving and convenient.

If you have other qeustions about stage, or want to know the specific details of the stage parameters, please consult 


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