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Wuxi Shengyixin Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is a large-scale outdoor tent enterprise specializing in design, production, and sales. Shengyixin Metal Products Company is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (near Shanghai), with standardized factories covering tens of thousands of square meters. After years of development, the company adheres to the principle of "leading quality and winning service". For many years, we have been highly recognized by numerous customers from all walks of life.Our tent products are widely used in various activities, including wedding tents, storage tents, party tents, activity tents, sports tents, and exhibition tents. They can be used as logistics warehouse tents, church tents, military tents, restaurant tents, etc. There are also standard A-frame tents and pagoda tents, and you can customize tents according to your activities or space.

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The company has two major plants: stage truss and tent. The research and development and production of stage truss plant include steel/aluminum alloy stage, steel/aluminum alloy truss light frame, folding stage, wedding stage, glass stage, grandstand, Leia frame and scaffold. The tarpaulin factory provides a 3-80 meter span tarpaulin, which is widely used in different industries such as wedding, sports, warehousing, environmental protection, exhibition, etc. At the same time, our tarpaulin products have different shapes and support personalized customization.

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Our diverse product range ensures that you will find the right tent system for your needs.

Our products have been exported to Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada and many other countries.


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