Danyang basketball stadium tent case

Jan 10,2024

This project is located in a large company in Danyang City, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province. This basketball tent is used by company employees for entertainment, relaxation, and physical exercise during their break time after work. Basketball tents do not require complex foundations or cumbersome approval procedures. Basketball tents also have the characteristics of rapid construction, dismantling, and relocation, which can quickly solve the problem of venue relocation or leasing. Ventilation, drainage, lighting, and safety functions are complete. The cost of a basketball tent will be much lower than that of a basketball gymnasium.


As a semi permanent temporary building form, the structural advantages of a basketball tent are: design rules, interchangeable structure, unlimited extension or contraction. By utilizing these advantages, it can withstand various climatic conditions. The above is gradually replacing traditional basketball stadiums and becoming the preferred choice for sports basketball enthusiasts to purchase basketball tents.

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