Winter wind snow cold weather, how to use the tent? What should I pay attention to?

Jan 10,2024

Winter wind snow cold weather, how to use the tent? What should I pay attention to? Sheng Yixin tent can be windproof, waterproof, sun protection. It can resist 8-10 strong winds and can carry 50-80kg/㎡ of snow.

In the face of winter wind snow and cold weather, what are the advantages of Sheng Yixin tent?

The main structure of the tent is aluminum alloy frame and PVC double knife tarpaulin, which is not a problem to deal with conventional bad weather.

Aluminum alloy frame adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profiles as the main frame. The steel parts are connected, the base is fixed, the mechanical properties are super strong, safe and stable, and the service life is more than 30 years.

PVC double knife tarpaulin can be used as a covering and top cloth at the same time, itself has wind proof, waterproof, sun protection, flame retardant, self-cleaning and other properties, wear resistance and tear resistance, long service life, can resist 8-10 strong winds, can carry 50-80kg/㎡ snow, after more than years will only appear in the color yellow, all kinds of performance is not affected, can still be used normally.

Snow resistance

Canopies are common with people, pointed canopies, arc canopies, etc., large slope tilt Angle with PVC tarpaulin, conducive to rainwater discharge, snow can also naturally slide, reduce the pressure on the roof.

Wind resistance

When the tent is installed and fixed, according to different ground conditions and customer needs, different fixing methods such as expansion screws, steel, and counterweight will be carried out. For wind resistance, the embedded effect is better than the counterweight, and resistance to 10 wind is not a problem. In windy weather, the tent can also be used normally or for activities.

In addition, the wind resistance of the tent is also related to the area of the tent, and the tent can provide a variety of optional canopies with 3-80 meters of span. The larger the span and area of the tent, the higher the thickness and stability requirements of the required material, the better the wind resistance and the more stable.

Keep warm

In the southern city, the characteristics of ordinary PVC double knife tarpaulin are enough to keep warm through the winter.

In the colder areas in the north, different walls such as customized thermal insulation cotton or color steel sandwich panels can be installed, and heating equipment such as air conditioning and heating machines can also be installed inside the tent.

In the face of winter wind, snow and cold weather, how to use the tent? What should I pay attention to?

1. Watch the weather

Check the tent in advance before heavy rain and snow. Reinforce the parts such as the footing, replace the parts in question, check whether the tarpaulin is damaged, repair it in time, and avoid leaving air inlet for the tent.

In the event of extreme bad weather, the personnel and items in the tent are transferred and emptied in advance. At the same time, consider removing the tarpaulin to ensure the safety of the tent.

2. Timely treatment - tools for snow removal

You can use tools such as spades and shovels to remove snow from the roof to prevent collapse.

* Be careful not to use sharp tools to avoid damage to the tarpaulin by sharp scratches. When cleaning, you should also take protective measures to protect your own safety.

3. Timely treatment - snow melt snow removal

If the snow potential is large, you can directly sprinkle snow salt.

* Some snow remover will corrode tarpaulin and car, and will also produce serious environmental pollution, it is not recommended to use, please check in advance before purchase.

4. Timely treatment - Heat snow removal

When snow is generated, heating equipment can be placed in the tent to speed up the melting of snow on the roof, which can reduce the pressure brought to the tent by snow cover.

5. Regular inspections

In heavy rain and snow weather, the staff can carry out regular inspections of the tent, check the key areas of the tent, replace the problem parts, eliminate safety hazards, and ensure the safety of personnel and the use of the tent.

In general, the assembled tent as a mobile greenhouse for outdoor use, the use of safe and stable national standard aluminum alloy frame, with PVC knife scraping tarp, to ensure the normal use of the tent in the outdoor environment. Even in the weather of rain and snow only need to carry out some auxiliary measures, pay attention to check the maintenance of the tent can be.

Sheng Yixin also reminded everyone to pay attention to the low temperature rain and snow freezing weather, temperature fluctuations, need to pay attention to timely increase clothing, to prevent colds. Also pay attention to travel safety.

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