What are the advantages of the tent? How to do the maintenance of the tent in advance during the rainy season?

Jan 10,2024

Tent big tent characters, shapes and other styles, in wedding, warehousing, exhibitions and other occasions are used, but also to meet customer customization needs. So, for our tent, in rainy weather, how to maintain the tent?

1. Avoid sharp scratches to the tent, affecting the use effect;

2, after the tent is used, all spare parts should be collected for reuse;

3, the handling process should be as light as possible to prevent damage to the outer packaging, so as not to lose parts;

4, such as the use of electrical appliances in the tent, please pay attention to the wire and support to have good insulation, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock;

5, before building the tent, you must carefully survey the terrain, there are no Rolling Stones, rolling wood and weathered rocks above the site;

6, when installed on mud or sand, you can dig drains around to ensure that the surface of the tent is dry;

7, predict the local wind more than eight or more, please reinforce the tent in advance.

8, tarpaulin storage before be sure to air, to be restored to dry after folding storage, such as too late to cool dry tarpaulin, remember that must not be long, so as not to mildew.

9, depending on the local humidity and climate conditions, regularly dry tarpaulin, so as not to breed bacteria, so that tarpaulin waterproof coating is destroyed

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