How does aluminum alloy canopy cool down in summer? Sheng Yixin assembly type big tent

Jan 09,2024

A high-quality tent can replace a building, in recent years, the development of the tent can be seen, the tent is from simple to fine sustainable development. Today's tent can add all kinds of equipment and facilities, from a simple tent to an all-inclusive "mansion" development.

In order to take into account the safety and convenience of the tent, the tent produced by our company is made of lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy, and in the future development, it will also produce the tent with higher requirements.

Tarpaulin as the coat of the tent, the material of tarpaulin has a direct relationship to the use and safety of the tent. Weather changes, it is inevitable to encounter bad weather, our company against the wind grade, tear resistance grade, fire and waterproof performance have strict requirements, the production process layers of control. Awnings can be seen everywhere. However, with the rise in temperature, many customers will also start to worry about how to deal with the problem of rising temperatures inside the tent.

Wuxi Shengyixin Metal Products Co., Ltd. will take stock of several methods of cooling the tent in high temperature weather for everyone, so that everyone who buys the tent will be prepared before the summer is coming, not afraid of the heat.

The canopy itself protects against UV rays

Sheng Yixin tent tarpaulin is PVC double-sided knife coated cloth, the top tarpaulin weight 750g/㎡, the middle to add anti-ultraviolet heat insulation film. Compared with ordinary sheds, it can better block light and heat insulation to block ultraviolet rays.

The perimeter tarp can be pulled back completely

Many small partners who have not been in contact with the tent may think that the tent tarp is a whole piece, in fact, it is not.

As a prefabricated building, the size of the tarpaulin is matched with the size of the tent room interval (3 meters or 5 meters). The tarpaulin around is called enclosing cloth, each enclosing cloth is installed on both sides into the aluminum alloy frame card slot, the middle has a zipper, can be opened like a curtain, so that all sides of the ventilation.

Tips: The higher the height of the tent, the larger the space, the stronger the air circulation performance, the more smooth the air, and the cooler.

The tarpaulin can be topped with a ventilated skylight

Canopy as a custom product, in addition to the length, width, height, modeling style can be customized, the top tarpaulin can also be added ventilation skylight. The light weight of hot air can be naturally discharged by the ventilation skylight, and the surrounding tarpaulin can be pulled apart to better achieve the ventilation effect and improve the sultry problem inside the tent.

Try to avoid using clear tarps

Transparent tarpaulin tent because of its excellent appearance and excellent light transmission performance, in recent years by the wedding industry and exhibition industry customers love.

However, compared with white tarpaulin, the shading performance is weak, and the sunscreen heat insulation performance is poor. So in the summer when the sun is hot, try to avoid using transparent tarpaulin.

Awning cloths can be changed

For customers in hot areas, when determining the material of the tent in the early stage, materials such as rock wool sandwich board or composite steel plate can be selected around the tent.

Compared to tarpaulin, they have better insulation and sun protection, but the price will increase, and you can purchase according to your budget.

Cooling equipment can be added to the interior of the tent

The tent is like a normal house, fully furnished. The interior can be equipped with air conditioning, exhaust fans, spray devices and other electrical equipment, physically reduce the temperature in the tent, simple and effective.

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