Large custom environmental protection tent easily solve the problem of dust pollution in construction

Jan 09,2024

In recent years, the problem of environmental protection has been concerned by everyone, and the problem of dust pollution in the construction site has also become the focus of attention.

The "Construction Site Environmental Protection Measures" explicitly stipulates that the construction site should be closed or isolated in the construction area, and effective dust prevention measures should be taken.

Therefore, the construction site must pay attention to the problem of dust pollution generated in the operation and prevent it.

How to solve the dust pollution problem?

It is recommended to use an environmental protection tent to build a closed space for dust removal.

Shengyixin as a professional tent manufacturer, for the different space use and environmental protection needs of the construction site, provide environmental protection tent can be customized services, low cost, easy to install, to solve the customer's environmental problems.

Why can the canopy solve the problem of environmentally friendly dust?

Dust control technology is mainly divided into two schools: emission control and source dust suppression.

1. Source dust suppression - the use of biological nano film dust suppression technology, the cost is too high.

2. Emission control - mainly for dust suppression in confined Spaces.

The principle of dust suppression in a confined space is to press the mine dust generated by the local dust source in as small a confined space as possible, seal it, and reduce the scope and space of dust impact as much as possible.

Shengyixin environmental protection tent provides customizable services, which can be customized in space, shape, height and configuration, and can be moved to meet the requirements of complex terrain.

Modular design, socket installation

No column, large span, low cost;

It can quickly build a closed construction space;

Greatly shorten the construction cycle.

Aluminum alloy structure

Anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, long-term repeated use;

Easy to operate weight, high safety, high load.

High strength PVC tarpaulin

Corrosion resistance, good tightness, good flame retardant;

Effectively inhibit dust pollution.

To cope with higher environmental requirements

Sheng Yixin recommends opening skylights on the roof of the environmental protection canopy and adding filters, installing exhaust fans and dust removal instruments inside the canopy to increase dust prevention and control.

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